What is epoxy flooring?

If you have had it in mind to install a floor that is durable, easy to maintain, strong and looks quite attractive, then epoxy flooring should suit you more than well. Having epoxy flooring duluth work done is not going to be your next DIY project. No, the installation of epoxy flooring gets taken care of by a floor coatings specialist. Epoxy flooring is a flooring surface that consists of multiple layers of epoxy applied to the floor at depths of no more than two millimeters (each).

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Note that there is also a distinct difference between an epoxy floor and its coating. It lies in the depth of the epoxy. All epoxy floors should be at least two millimeters thick. Anything less than this length will be referred to simply as epoxy floor coating. Epoxy on its own is a system that contains two components. These are resins and hardeners. Resins and hardeners are mixed together. They both react chemically to compound into a rigid plastic material.

This resulting material is strong and resistant to any form of degradation. It bonds well to its substrate. Because of the strength of these floors, epoxy floors come high recommended for heavy duty industrial environments. Depending on the environment, industrial, commercial and, of course, domestic, a number of epoxy floor types can be selected by the client. One such floor is the self-dispersing floor.

This floor is generally used in areas where heavy use and high traffic is common. You also get a self-dispersing epoxy floor made with quartz sand. The added benefit to this material is that it contains good anti-slip properties. Self-levelling floors are easy to clean and maintain. These floors are ideal for use in kitchens and dining halls. Finally, as its name might suggest, mortar epoxy floors are the strongest of the lot.