Home Insurance Myths

Home insurance isn’t required by law, but is nonetheless of great importance to anyone who owns their own home. HOAs oftentimes require homeowners to carry the coverage but even in situations where it is not required, it is nonetheless beneficial.  The coverage pays benefits when financial destruction occurs after a disaster or break-in at your property.

Many myths and misconceptions exist around homeowners insurance, but today you learn the truth and no longer fall victim to the deception.

Home Insurance is Expensive

So many homeowners think they cannot afford to buy the coverage and do not compare rates to find out. The truth is that the cost of homeowners insurance varies but is always reasonable. Take the time to compare to get the best price.

It’s Okay to Exaggerate Your Losses

If you plan to file a claim against your insurance company, it is not okay to exaggerate losses to collect more money.  If the insurance company thinks that you’re adding the amounts of the claim, things will quickly turn sour and they don’t trust anything that you tell them. It will slow down the entire claim process and cause far more hassle than what it is worth.

House Insurance Covers it All

Home insurance companies pittsburgh pa is pretty thorough but this isn’t to say that it covers all of the expenses related to your event. Don’t assume that it is covered in your policy and find out at the worst time that it is not. Although homeowners insurance coverage pays for a significant portion of damage that occurs to the home, there can be exclusions.  This is particularly true of personal possessions, like jewelry or electronics. Check out any policy before you decide if the policy is right for your needs. Make sure that you read over the fine print to learn important information about exclusions that you should know.